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Aqua-line provides comprehensive leak detection services to town and city water distribution systems. The survey is conducted in two phases:

  • The Listening Phase: Where all valves, fire hydrants and selected services are listened to for leak noises.
  • Pinpointing Phase: Where all leaks are pinpointed.

We provide "FREE WRITTEN ESTIMATES" for surveys with the following information needed:

  • Number of miles of water mian to be surveyed.
  • Percent of water main that is plastic pipe.

During the survey, we provide a dailiy report on the status of the survey, as well as diagrams of each leak pinpointed. These diagrams include the leak type, estimated size and supporting information. After the survey is completed, we provide a written report on the results of the survey, including diagrams of each leak pinpointed and recommendations of controlling future water loss.


Aqua-Line provides emergency leak detection service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have three fully equipped vans ready to respond to your emergency leak detection needs.

Emergency service includes new construction water mains, fire protection systems and private water systems.

Line Location

Aqua-line provides water main line location services, in assocation with leak detection. We use the Radio Detection RD 400 and RD 4000 Line Locators to locate and trace water lines. This service is limited to water lines, and must be requested to ensure equipment availability.


Aqua-Line can provide leak detection training for your water department and water association conferences. Call for details.